Recruiter’s Area

So, you’re a recruiter who’d like to work with ThoughtSynth.

Maybe you’re trying to crew a project for a client. Maybe you’re trying to find a developer to fill a specific position. Possibly you just want to learn more about current technologies and communicating with developers.

Perhaps we can help each other. Our team of developers has full product lifecycle development experience, is familiar with the latest in hardware and software, and can work with existing teams or provide turn-key product creation based upon requirements.

We also have a great deal of experience in hiring and managing developers.

We pay commissions.

If you get us a decent, paying contract, we’ll pay you a commission.

We work with a lot of talented developers.

We may be able to find you rent you a developer or even find a permanent one for you for a reasonable commission.

We provide training.

Recruiting technical talent is hard. Developers tend to have little patience for recruiters, and the successful recruiter must avoid many mistakes. We can help train your team to be more effective at recruiting technical expertise.

Contact ThoughtSynth to get started.